Universal Beams

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Universal Beams, otherwise known as I-beam, UBs, I section, RSJs, rsj beams, h beam, steel lintels steel girder and load bearing steels.

Universal beams are essential for any major support or structural integrity in building construction. These steel beams are hard-wearing and strong.

金都国际娱乐RSJ or Rolled steel joists are very popular in the building trade used mainly for steel lintels. Small medium and large scale structural steel projects all use a variety of steel sections such as I beams, H columns and pfc channels.

Universal Beam Processing

Our in house processing can cater for all types of requirements from square and mitre cutting for cranked beams to drilling notching and Shot blast primer painting. Steel Beams Direct supply a huge range of structural steel sections to the construction industry and DIY market across the uk.

金都国际娱乐Competing with the likes of the largest steel suppliers and steel stockholders in the country.

Universal Beams Sizes

金都国际娱乐Full cut to size service available on all sections with the option of shot blast and primer painting.


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